The economic corridors of the Belt and Road Initiative, 2018

The Belt and Road Initiative is the most important geostrategic program of the 21st century, and also the largest investment in history. It is a coherent network of maritime routes and land-based economic corridors. Among the latter, the most important one is the “New Eurasia Land Bridge Economic Corridor,” connecting 108 cities. 14,000 trains run between the main cities of China and Europe each year, transporting over 1.1 million tonnes of goods in containers. More than 600 projects have been realized since the announcement of the plan, including 41 pipelines, 203 bridge and highway developments, and 199 power plants; new railway lines are being constructed, and in early 2019, 12 new port developments began in Europe. The BRI includes three main overland routes and three main maritime roads as well as six major development zones.

Urban population growth around the globe in 1950–2030
The economic corridors and routes of the Belt and Road Initiative, 2019)