Regional distribution of the TOP 2000 firms in the world

An interesting corollary to the assessment of the contraction of economic power is the geographical location of the 2000 companies with the largest revenue and the percentage change (growth or decline) in the number of companies in each country in 2003 and 2014 (Figure 24). The United States is ranked first (564 companies), with Japan as the runner-up (225 firms). In the period under review, both countries saw the number of the largest firms contract by 25–50%. In China, 150 businesses were listed among the largest in 2014, following a massive, more-than-tenfold growth in their number between 2003 and 2014. If Chinese growth preserves its momentum, it can soon overtake Japan and the United States. Among East Asian countries, South Korea also exhibits significant growth. Western Europe also has a great number of large enterprises, with the United Kingdom (92), France (66), Germany (52), and Switzerland (48) topping the list. However, all these countries saw the number of corporations diminish. In Central and Eastern Europe, Poland notched the biggest expansion in the number of large enterprises at 250%.

Distribution of the volume of trade between the United States, Europe and Asia (USD trillion, %)