Geofusion – the networks of geopolitics, and geopolitics of networks

Geofusion is the “geopolitics and geoeconomics of networks, which is at the same time a new network of geopolitics and geoeconomics”. I developed “geofusion” to look at the spatial context of the complex phenomena in the world. It is theory and methodology at the same time; a model to interpret the network world in nodes and to look at the link between geographic, social, economic, and political processes at the various spatial levels. Geofusion is also a key tool for mapping the new global order, and can be used to understand a world that is globalized in networks, my geofusional maps. Geofusion, as a method, is a synthesis of the various network maps (air, land, water, the intensity and socio-economic potential of information, etc.), which are arranged in nodes and depict functional geoeconomic interconnections. Geofusion maps reveal the powerhouses and gate regions of our world, which can be used to design a country’s external economy by using these maps to understand the ever-changing geopolitical and geostrategic trends. Starting out from geography, it links the various disciplines (economics, geopolitics, geoeconomics, network analysis, international relations, world economy) and, as a new synthesis, it is designed to reflect global trends with the help of new types of (so-called geofusional) maps. It creates new results in geography, by using economic policy, technology, design, and visualisation at the same time. Using geofusion maps, we can identify geopolitical structures and key centers of power in a polycentric global economy. The results achieved by the geofusional method not only show that countries are important in a geopolitically and geoeconomically polycentric world order, but also regions, economic centers, global hubs and global cities, which are gaining new meaning and greater importance through connectivity. The geofusion method is suitable for interpreting a world that is globalized in networks, and provide a “compass” in the form of geofusion maps.

Geofusion - the networks of geopolitics, and geopolitics of networks
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